Publish or perish, young ones

22 March 2018

My dear Colleague,

Apropos our recent discussion about whether or how younger singing teachers can get themselves in a mind set to publish rather than perish, I found this yesterday. I think it was basically a summary of what I learned in my doctorate (was in dissertation writing phase at this point). Fairly certain this is heavily cribbed from things teachers said to me:

  • Question dogma
  • Accept that sometimes dogma is correct. 
  • Read something every day. 
  • Read more than you write. (Definitely came from Dr. Helen Greenwald)
  • Don't hate the lie.
  • Find the lie that brings the student to the truth. 
  • Never start from scratch. (Also Dr. Greenwald)
  • Others have already done much of your thinking for you. 
  • An absence of ideas comes from an absence of information. (Dr. Greenwald)
  • Out of ideas? Read more. (Dr. Greenwald)


Dr. Ian Howell
Voice Faculty
Vocal Pedagogy Director
The New England Conservatory of Music